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Looking for a good Skinner for my Modding Team, the Red Happy Berries.

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Level 21
Aug 9, 2006
Red Happy Berries
Okay, I am redscores, the creator of the modding team Red Happy Berries. I am looking for a good Skin Creator/Skin Manipulator. I am currently working on a project, it is called "E P I C A - untold legends", a outstanding offensive map, the terrain is going and I am planning heroes, currently are 4 raw skins completed which aren't shaded yet (needs only to be reworked a bit) and 4 hero ideas are created, the features are fixed now, and i just need a good skin maker.

My modding team has a own Forum, with the most informations written in, it is 100% official and upgraded to the current status. When you are interested please write here or apply on the Forum site.

Maybe we need different Guys for the Map, well, when you apply as a skinner, please show a example of your work.

This is the Forum Site: http://redhappyberries.forumieren.de/index.htm
Not open for further replies.