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[Spell] Light Saber attachment ability should have a different color than the team color

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Level 26
Feb 2, 2006
I only found this thread so far which basically says you have to use a different texture or model: COLOR LightSaber3D
I want to use models like these LightSaber3D as attachment for my Jedi hero. I used the Tornado aura ability as base and it works just fine. However, it uses the team color of the hero. I want it to have a fixed color other than the player's team color and basically the colors used in Star Wars: Lightsaber crystal (I can't believe how much lore there is).
Is the only way to add different models to the map with different texture paths leading to the different team colors?
Its not THAT much work but maybe there could have been some easier way in the ability settings or with JASS and the new natives.
I use it as a unit ability and not as ability of an item since items can have owning players as well which might have affected the attachment color?
If you add the lightsaber not as an ability, but as a special effect with
AddSpecialEffectTarget( "Lightsaber3D.mdx" , whichUnit , "hand left/right" )
you can change its team color with:
native BlzSetSpecialEffectColorByPlayer            takes effect whichEffect, player whichPlayer returns nothing
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