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Life Regernation Region help!

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Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
If it is generic to all units you can place a modified fountain of healing inside the region so that it covers most of the desired area. Remember that you can make the fountain invisible and modify the healing amount and area. You could even base it on Unholy Aura with a dummy. This is rather crude but an object editor only solution that works if you want it to apply to all units in the region.

A trigger solution for more specific units would involve a trigger for units entering the region with action to add a custom item health regeneration ability to the unit (it should have no command card icon, otherwise stick it inside a disabled spell book). You then have a trigger with event unit leaves the same region and action to remove the ability from the unit. A condition can be added to both to filter for specific units.
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
A dummy unit with locust and a life regen aura can choose targets so you can make allies be healed but not enemies for example.

The trigger does not necessarily need the ability to work.
You can also group all units inside the region and increase their health.
This is a much bigger operation but doesnt require an ability.

For the ability trigger version, you have two triggers.
1, if a unit enters region r and should be regenerated, give ability
2, if a unit leaves region r, remove ability




Every 0.03 seconds
Select all units in region (YourRegion)
Set life life of picked unit to life + (your value)
You could also set life to percent if you want % based regen.
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