Kyrian Lucemon

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"After the Digimon, Lucemon endured a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Digi-destined in Digimon Season 4.. He was eventually cast into the Shadowlands where he joined the Kyrian, he eventually bested Kyrestia the Firstborne and claimed her weapon! now, he's planning his ultimate quest for VENGEANCE! Combining both his Warcraftish and Digimonish enhancements! /rawr"

• All copyrights for Warcraft reserved to Blizzard Entertainment
• All copyrights for Digimon reserved to Bandai Co. & Toei Animation
◘ Credits for the Lucemon model goes to Digimon Masters - Owned by Bandai Co.
◘ Credits for the ripped Lucemon model goes to the awesome MrTuercas & MagaRa of Chaosrealm.
◘ Credits for the ripped Kyrestia the Firstborne & Kyrian Warrior goes to the awesome Henry of WCunderground
Pieced by yours truly, open source, no need to credit me if you use this in your map if you don't want.
This is a lol model after all!

Kyrian Lucemon (Model)