Kul Tiras Chaplain

This is a texture I started making as I realised there weren't any Kul Tiras spellcaster models/skins that weren't just re-UV maps of the priest with Proudmoore's texture on top so I decided to create my own as I need it for my campaigns. I looked up a reference image and got to work. This texture took me 2 days and is 90% freehand as far as I can tell with the only non-freehand being the cape icon which is CnP from the Kul Tiras logo with the anchor cut out and then edited once pasted. This can be used to replace the Priest texture but probably will not look good since the Elven ear has just been coloured in black.

I also think I should explain some of my thought processes. In the reference before the belt buckle, cape clasp and shoulder trim to me looks like Whalebone is what I've tried to replicate in the staff book and shoulder trim, whilst the gold of the staff head and cape icon and trim on his robe represents the wealth of Kul Tiras. For his face I decided to try something new in terms of testing myself with a new style, I used much larger blocks of colour and used some greater contrast in colours rather than my usual method of picking a skin tone and trying to shadow and highlight out the shapes and details. Overall I'm very happy with the look within the limitations of the Mage model.


WiPs have also been posted below and can be seen in the Hive Workshop Discord.

Please give credits if used and ask permission if you want to change or edit it in some major way, small re-colours are ok.

BTNKTChaplain (Icon)

Kul Tiras Chaplain (Texture)

Approved. I like the face. However the skin could use some more contrasts and highlights. It's a bit matte. Perhaps make the shadows darker and more defined.