Just some random find-the-map question for those who can help...

Level 3
Jul 19, 2007
It's not a problem, more like a question or something.

Anyways, I seem to have gotten a surge of nostalgia and now, I'm trying to find a certain map that is in Epic War. (see at the very bottom)
:fp: Known facts about this map (based on memory):
- It is an AoS.
- You select different characters that have different advantages/disadvandages.
- You control a battleship, you can upgrade many things, including the armor, damage, ship (you change to a better one), etc...
- The terrain is (somewhat) Outlands-based, and has a rectangular shape.
- It has a cover system, some places have holes where you can hide in and have additional armor.
- Most if not all icons and models are Starcraft- based.
- Unconfirmed: This map might have it's own website.
Not much else. So, if you know the map, please tell it's name, and if you have a link to it, please post it. The more info the better. Happy hunting!