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Just another Warcraft III map

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Hey guys.

Just currently working on a Melee map for my brother and I, but I decided to share it for you all to play around. It is obviously semi-vanilla. I am planning on continuing the map much further and setting up custom triggers as well as doing a more in depth map please consider that this map took me around 3 hours to make so it has many flaws.

Also if you do play, custom heroes are only done for Humans and Night elf.

Hope you all enjoy my map and have fun. Please comment and/or feel free to make comments on the early work.

Thank you,

your man Futsunushi!!

Just another Warcraft III map (Map)

My review for this map:
  • Terrain is monotonous(Bad point)
  • This is just a melee map and it is not altered melee
  • You just used trees and rocks in this map. You should use all of doodads that fits for this map
  • The gold mines have very much gold and not placed in their good place
  • Place of trees are culltered and does not look good
Overall, for a melee map, this is not bad! I rate this map 3/5. I will change my rating when you fixed my points or points of other members.
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Oct 9, 2016
Yeah guys I do understand that is still basic. I practically just made a map in 3hours. It is just an example, I am intending on making a good melee map me and friends may play that still has a vanilla feel.

By the way is there any way to increase the number of trees/destructibles you are allowed on a map