Jedi Reflection (Missile reflection)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
A system to simulate projectile reflecting from attacks but not spells. Two version are included. One that uses the "defend" ability to make ranged piercing attacks reflect more cleanly and one that's pure JASS

How to import:

Copy the triggers into your map. If you already have the latest versions of damage engine and relativistic missiles and UnitEvent you can skip copying the "systems" folder.

If you are using the JASS version there are no further steps other then configuring the defend condition to suit your needs.

If you are using the defend version:

Assign the DEFEND_ID variable to an ability based on Defend ('Adef').

Change the gameplay constant "Defend can deflect" to true. Otherwise ranged piercing attacks won't be supported.

You can adjust the chance to deflect by editing your defend ability. Shift click to set it above 30.0

The following applies to all types of attacks if using the pure JASS version and non ranged piercing attacks if using the defend version:

Though the damage will be 0 on hit effects will still apply and secondary effects such as corruption won't apply to the reflected projectile.
See frequently asked questions for more info.

Make revived units (its already implemented for heroes) turn defend back on when revived.

Bribe for damage engine
Chopinski for Relativistic missiles
Kwaliti for the optional Jedi model.

Jedi Reflection Test Map (Map)