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Item Reload System Help

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Level 6
Oct 22, 2006
I need help with this trigger. It's an ammo system when the unit gets the Item then uses it adds to the Players Gold (Ammo) But it does not seem to be working...
Unit - A unit Uses an Item
(Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Primary Ammo
Player- Add (Charges remaining in (Item being manipulated)) to (Owner of (Hero manipulating item)) Current Lumber (Ammo)
Sound- Play RELOAD <gen> at 100.00% volume, attached to (Hero manipulating item)
Item- Remove (Item being manipulated)
This may be to vague of an explanation but help is appreciated
Level 12
Feb 1, 2007
Well you said that you wanted the Ammo to be gold, but in your trigger, it is being added to lumber. Is that the problem?

EDIT: I tested your trigger exactly the way you had it except I changed it to giving me gold. It worked fine and I got the gold every time. Make sure your item has some ability so you can use it, and make sure that the wood thing is fixed to giving gold, and it should work. I will post my trigger if you still are having problems.
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