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Item help

Level 1
May 10, 2005
Hi I am new here and I need help for my new map.
I hope one of you could help me.
I want that when my inventory is full, and if I try to get one new item, other items in my inventory get remove on the field and the item I wan't to take get remove on my inventory.
For exemple one units find a clow of attack but he can't take it cause his inventory is full. Instead of saying "inventory full" i would like that the item he has in his inventory get remplaced by the clow.
sorry I am not English I hope you understand me
Level 4
Mar 19, 2005
Where are you from?

I don't belive this is possible.

A way which may work proper:
You'll have to detect a unit drop item event.
Then you should remove a random or maybe the weakest item from the unit inventory and add drop the other in this slot.

If all itemslots are used it won't work.
Think on that.

It sounds a bit strange, I know.