[General] Is there a way to set a rally point without playing the sound?

Level 18
Feb 23, 2014

I've been trying to make a trigger that includes setting a rally point for a unit, but I don't want it to play the rally point sound while at the same time keep the sound when a rally point is set manually by the player. In other words, when that particular trigger sets a rally point = no rally point sound; if a player or any other trigger sets a rally point = rally point sound played.

My logic was that I could use the Sound - Set Volume Channel to reduce the volume of the User Interface sound group sounds to 0% before the rally point is set and then put it back up to 100%, hoping that it would effectively mute the sound for that action. Like this:

  • Actions
    • Sound - Set User Interface Sounds to 0.00%
    • Unit - Set Rally-Point for <unit> to <point>
    • Sound - Set User Interface Sounds to 100.00%

The issue is that Sound - Set Volume Channel appears to be reducing the volume over time, which means that if it's used directly before setting the rally point, the volume isn't reduced to 0% yet and the sound plays normally. I've tried looking for an alternate solution, but couldn't find any.

If anyone knows how to do this, a tip would be greatly appreciated! :)
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