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Iron Jaw

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.

Texture Overview:

Creating a mood board from various sources like Pinterest, DeviantArt, ArtStation etc. is helpful. I suggest making one before creating your texture to ease the process.

Design Goals:

Continuing the Chemical Series, on which the first skin is Acid. There's more to come, but the next skin will be different.

Creative Process:

Made sure that all the highlights and rim lights are present. Used varying colors to create harmony.


The Green Shards is the source of it's power so I added that.

And to make life easier, I directly paint unto the model. I mainly use the tools mentioned in Arowanna's 3D Coat tutorial Utilizing 3D Coat for Warcraft 3 Retextures


This was supposed to be a skin for the Pit Lord. However, due to wrapping issues, if I continue it will just be a waste as it looks very different when viewed in Portrait.

Fast forward, this is the model that it was transferred to, as it is the most fitting model that I can see. Besides, it'll be my redemption to skin this abomination as I already textured this model a long time ago for a contest.

The mouth part is also a headache to work with, but we managed it well.

Artistic Choices:

Used different colors that mix well together as well as ensuring that the different textures of the body is correctly represented.

Texture Specifications:

  • Resolution:
    • Width: 1024 pixels
    • Height: 1024 pixels
  • Provided is a larger version. If you wanted to reduce file size, you can freely edit it and resize to the size you want. You have my permission.

Texture Preview:



Feedback is always open as long as its healthy. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Texture Usage:

There are two models within the mpq that you can use this texture to, namely:

  • Textures\HeroBladeMaster.blp
  • units\Demon\HeroChaosBladeMaster\HeroChaosBladeMaster.blp

Iron Jaw (Texture)

Moy is on a roll with the releases with a productivity that I think gets close to Shido's. Well let's dive into the review: The Good: The theme is awesome, as others have said we have a pseudo-cyborg here with a cool neon green sword. The colour...
Moy is on a roll with the releases with a productivity that I think gets close to Shido's. Well let's dive into the review:

The Good:
The theme is awesome, as others have said we have a pseudo-cyborg here with a cool neon green sword. The colour choice is all appropriate with the gritty dark grey armour, pale grey flesh and bright greens to accentuate the details. The red eyes also contrast nicely.
The glow effect from the green accents and red eyes has also been done subtly but is very impressive and a nice touch that others would miss.
It is of course in your distinctive artistic style which is always good to see.
In terms of the armour the metal material looks flawless in terms of highlights, shading and the small blemishes and stains. The use of colour gradient as well is impressive using blues into the darker areas against a straight up white/grey mix on the brightest parts at the front of the armour.
The design of the sword is also very cool. All in all there's a lot of quality here on display! (Also love the shard necklace).

Areas for Improvement:
I have spoken about it in some of your other textures, but I'll repeat it here, some of the blending I think could be done better, I know I know it's part of your artstyle which I get and so don't point out some parts of it. But I do think there are areas that if blended better would improve the look. On this one I think parts of the face like the wrinkles on his forehead andt he toes of his boots. It's very nitpicky and not noticeable unless closely inspecting the skin but I think someone like yourself can be held to a high standard since that is your level of skill.
I'm a little disappointed you didn't do something more with the hair as well, I feel like there was room there for something better looking. This also applies to the trousers. They're not bad but they're also quite plain in terms of the rectangles of shading on them.
1024 x 1024 leaves a lot of room for quality, but the filesize is also pretty big because of it. However people could always resize it themselves so this is more of an observation than a criticism. I know you have other skins of this resolution but this one takes the cake in terms of filesize.

You have been on fire recently with the number of high quality textures being uploaded. This one is no different. I did have a couple of areas of improvement but they are minor and don't detract from the awesome skin. Approved as High Quality!