Level 1
Oct 12, 2011
I've played Warcraft 3 since it's release, and I've been a big fan of blizzard games since birth(1992, yeah, I'm an angsty yungin'). I've toyed around with the editor over the years but only recently decided to dedicate myself to making a map for my friends. I've visited the Hive for years to DL maps and look at some of the amazing character models people have developed, but I haven't taken the time to really become a member of the community till today.
There's a lot I wish I had taken the time to do years ago.
I play DotA, but I'm no pro
I'd like to say I'm decent at Island Defense, but I honestly think I just get lucky
I usually do well at Tower Defense maps
I know how to play Footies(The map!)
And I play many RPGs and ORPGs

But I spend most of my time now-a-days getting frustrated at my own ignorance with setting up spells(I'm VERY new to making them with triggers) in the editor, and making an ORPG(It's only just barely set-up).

So... yeah. That's me.