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Introduction to the Jass Classroom

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Apr 22, 2007
Jass Classroom

Introduction to the class

Welcome, fellow Hive users, to the rebirth of the Jass Classroom! In this class, you will be taught how to effectively use Jass, the Warcraft III World Editor's scripting language. Once you graduate from the class, you will be able to make efficient, leakless and original code. Anyone may join the Jass Classroom : GUI users, beginners to Jass, first time triggerers and even skilled Jassers are all welcome.

All Hive Workshp users may view and download the information in this classroom forum. To become a Jass Student and participate in the learning process, one must request admission to our classroom using the UserCP > Group Membership feature.

Here is a list of your teachers, each being a skilled Jasser:
The Jass Classroom will hold many classes on different aspects of the Jass scripting language. Each class will contain theory regarding the concerned subject, aswell as one or more challenges. Your duty, as a student, is to complete these challenges, which will be known as homework. Once you finish your homework, you must send it via private message to the class teacher, who will evaluate it based on multiple aspects of Jass coding:
  • Efficiency : Basically, how fast is your code?
  • Compactness : Is your code unnecessarily long?
  • Achievement : Does your code work the way it is meant to? Does it complete the given task?
  • Improvement : Have your skills improved, degraded, or stayed at a constant level?

Each aspect will be graded based on this scale:
  • A : Excellent
  • B : Good
  • C : Satisfying
  • D : Needs work
  • F : Fail
These grades are given only for your personal knowledge, and will not actually affect your reputation or your Hive account in any way. They are simply given to evaluate your level of Jass scripting based on multiple categories.

The staff wishes you success in the Jass Classroom, and happy Jassing!​
~The Staff~
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