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InsertRPGNameHere ;)

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Jun 24, 2011
Insert Hack'N'Slay NameHere ;)

The Hack n Slay RPG without Name :)

Disclaimer: I am going to polish this thread very soon, now that I relaunched the project. Currently working on a fitting logo.

I. Introduction:

I have started this Hack n Slay RPG in 2006, as I was 12 years old, bashing on my keyboard, putting random stuff together and uploading it on epicwar.com to show-off in front of my friends.
With today's knowledge, we know that such maps are nothing special, eventhough there was some efford put into it, it still looks like a 5 minute Map.

Some time ago, I started to work on my project again, but at present time I want to make something serious out of my idea. Now, after weeks of non-stop development, I am very satisfied with the result, eventhough I am working entirely alone on the project and just whilst I don't have much to do on my other projects.

As of now, the map is in the beta state, it is flawlessly playable until the final boss, although not all Heroes are done.

My project does not have a Name yet, because I never thought this would become a serious issue one day. I've thought of many names for the project, such as (Name)-(SurName: At Fate's Edge), The Defense of ___ , etc. but noone of them is really fitting imo.

The project resembles a Hack N Slay ORPG, which is based on the sunken ruins tileset, and sized with 256x256.
Basicly, the setting should be asigned to the Greek Mythology.

II. Development Team:

Development Leader: Hades

III. Map Infomation and Summary:

In general, the map is hack'n'slay based, pick one of 25 heroes (16 of them are completed), grind the creeps and reach the highest level, slay every boss and reward every item.
I've not added any Quests yet, but I've gathered several ideas already, such as the famous "12 tasks of Hercules", who is a playable Hero aswell.

Upon level up, a hero gains 3 attribute points he can spend on Strength, Agility and Intelligence. This is done via dialog, while lumber represents the attribute points.

At present time, I've reached the 8MB filesize without optimizer.

Every 10 seconds, a Hero gains Favor, which is used for spells in his "Bag of Holding" which is a living backpack, supporting the Hero with those favored spells, given by the Gods.

Upon Death, a Hero respawns in the Hell Area, where he has to slay the boss in order to return to Earth.

IV. The Needs:

I still need several things to get done, basicly improvement of existing things and new features like a city travel system and a pvp mode.
But as of now, the most important part is to implement more of everything, more items, more quests (or any) and to finish and polish out all the 25 hero concepts.

V: Visuals :)

The screenshots are attached, showing the Start Area, a Spider's Cave and a cut from my landscape. Yes, I am using Blizzard Cliffs. Smite me!

Spiders and Waterfall
Start Area / First Town / Pick Area is behind the cliffs, at the moon

More images will follow.

I will not attach an unprotected map until release, because this map got "ripped" several times, just search epicwar.com for the term "ORPG" and you will find hundreds of ORPGs using my original terrain, which I created 2006 years ago and refined lately, for example Kill.Undead's ORPG... etc.
(For the very curious people, I've got tons of old concept maps, showing evidence that I'm this map's original author.)

For the moment, my map is named "The Two Worlds", that's the name I used from 2006, but I'm still looking for a new one.

Best Regards,

Current Version: Beta 18


  • 2WorldsV2Beta18opt.w3x
    7.1 MB · Views: 163
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This is probably the first thread about a map that I've actually bothered to read in awhile.
If you need help with any systems (GUI) I can try to help you make a basic version, PM me.
Level 6
Jun 24, 2011
Sounds good, beside the spelling mistakes ;)
Eternal (If you mean "never-ending" with it)Glory (glory is a weak word without much expression imo) of the ancient (past? wtf?) Heroes. Feel free to play-test my map. It is not open-source yet, maybe I'll add that later.
However, the Name is of minor importance for the moment, still need to get all 22 Heroes and the Terrain polished :)
Also, there are no Quests yet and the Travel System is Work in Progress, such as 30 new Items.
Much work to be done, and I do not really want to release a buggy map.

"It is done, when it's done."
by Blizzard :ogre_hurrhurr:
Level 6
Jun 24, 2011
Project relaunch!

Relaunched the Project Thread, never really stopped working on it.
Added the new version, Beta 18. Not all Heroes are done yet, but those who are, are easily determined, by 4 fitting icons matching one theme and a proper description of their abilities.
The average play time for one straight playthrough for one Hero is about 3 - 4 hours if you are familiar with the map. If you however decide to discover every spot / temple / area and want to slay every boss, you'll prolly need about 5 - 6 hours.

Best regards,
Level 6
Jun 24, 2011
So this makes it your fifth project, I guess. I hope you manage, seeing as managing one project is already hard. Well, that's for me since I have little to no motivation at all, so I'll just say good luck.

Thank you :)
Well this project here is my "fallback", I always work on it when I don't have anything else to do.
Edit: I also joined the project Alan Wake as main terrainer.
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Jun 24, 2013
Well I played it for about 3 hours. Very impressed you did this much yourself, I almost find it hard to believe but very nice man. Seriously.

Boy did I love the custom skins (so much) and spells.

It's very nice and versatile, I guess the main problems for me were:

The towns were a bit bland, maybe decrease the size of the shops and put in some buildings so the towns are unique, they don't have to be huge, just not the same in every settlement.

The damage scale is weird, my spells are really powerful as any hero, including my strength based heroes and I do no damage through actual attacking. Need to balance that so that mages get their power through spells and melee/ranger class get em through physical damage, also I ended up with like 800 strength, maybe try scale down the amount of stats earned and scale down the early bosses including their dmg. It's seriously much easier to work with smaller numbers.

You end up with a LOT of gold also, probably get the gold values of everything down by an order of magnitude, especially when selling items you get lots for them, so make the creeps and sellable items worth like 1/10 or even 1/50, again, better to work with small numbers I find, easier to balance.

I wouldn't mind doing a big list of balance things I find and cycle through the heroes since I can see it taking awhile and pass them onto you, however it will be a looong list if I do it properly since you have all the core systems and stuff there and items, just drop rates, gold, ability scaling, stat scaling, damage scaling, health scaling, etc. need to be adjusted, let us know.

P.S. Also nearly forgot, item clear is quite fast, would be nice to have a pause option on item clear timer.
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