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importing new skins in mpq? is it possible??

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Aug 16, 2007
hell(o) (t)here
I tried to find a tutorial for this on the tutorials section and I searched the forums with no positive result, so I'm asking it like this...
I wanted to import some skins in the original mpq archive of warcraft(so that only I can see the skin of the units, to be clear, I am not importing skins in a map). I tried to replace the skin (more precisely shaman.blp:pal:) with the one that there is in the original war3.mpq archive and...
guess what?
My warcraft won't start - it says that there is a critical error and that the data of the mpq file is corrupted...
I tried to replace the mdx file too with another one of the shaman that uses the same texture but it won't work...
I used 3 mpq tools (mpq editor, mpqmaster and another one that I deleted...) with the same result...
Can someone plz tell me if there is a way to import skins in the mpq archive without corrupting it? (or at least that warcraft doesent treat it as corrupted)

p.s.: I am not sure if I guessed the right forum for the question:confused:, sry mods :bored:
i get your theory, and i was gonna try doing it also, wouldnt think wc3 has anything makeing sure what skins are being used in the mpq, aslong as they have same filename.. and size doubt it can tell diff, but if you cant get it workin, you might have to uninstall V.V, btw if you get it workin give me a PM ive been dieing to add some custom skins.
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