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Importing Model Problem

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Level 1
Jul 21, 2006
Ok, so here is the deal. I changed some models around with the War3 Model Editor tool, changed the skins for it, attached the skins to the model with Note pad, and then changed the .mdl file to a .mdx with the file converter, and then imported it into my map. *I put the 4 models with their skins in one directory *"My Documents\*model name*.mdx and 4 others with their skins in another directory "SIG\*model name*.mdx Once I got them all imported, I saved the map, closed out of it, opened it back up, and what happens?

I'll tell you what happens, when I try to put the model on something else, it says cannot load file, and it wont load the import, it shows the custom file as a mdl. It worked fine before I added the skins in note pad, so what do I do?
Not open for further replies.