I'm scearching for a modeller



Level 3
Aug 9, 2015
Hello. I'm new to this site so I didn't know where should I post this thread, so if I've posted it in a wrong place just swap it to another forum ;).

Before I will show you mine problem, I will tell you that I'm making my project called Live of a Cosmonaut, if something.

I apogalize also for my English.

My problem is I can't find any NASA models such as Saturn V or NASA buildings like the Headquartes, the Vechicle Assembly Building etc. so somebody needs to make them. I'm a bit lazy person plus I have no clue how to make models, so I'm now looking for a modeller. Could anybody resolve my problem sending a link to the site where I can find models I scearch, or make tchem yourself? I would be grateful :).