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Illusion Ability Question

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Level 12
May 22, 2015
Do you mean like putting the ability on the item and making the item work like a powerup?

I haven't tried it, but that's how I'd try to do it most likely.

Other than using the ability, I think you would have to have a very complex system and it would probably not work for all purposes - especially when trying to use it with heroes.




You picked one of the most complex spells to modify :p
Seriously, its a copy hero, that behaves like a hero but can't use all spells and all items and also shows blue on your screen, but on everyone elses it looks normal. It also takes / deals reduced or increased damage.

I wouldn't try to mimic this spell

Also, making a dummy, giving it an item with Item Illusions and casting it on a unit is a good way to make lots of illusions without animations or waiting.
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