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Icons! Icons! And some more icons!!

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Level 4
Jun 18, 2008
Hey! Im making a map called kontainment. Basically you fight hordes of zombies with anything from grenades to airstrikes to artillery barrages. I need icons! Lots of icons!!! I need a new set of icons for the heros, items, and abilities. Heres a list of the ones I need. Items: Med kit, bandage roll/pack, grenade, grenade launcher, claymore mine, satchel charge, c4, rpg/smaw, syringe (for blood tranfusions/ injections). Heros: rifleman (standard grunt type unit), firebat, machine gunner, recon, special ops ( best class u can get) medic, infantry unit leader, marksman/sniper. Those are all the icons I need so far. For the heros i just need different marine icons. If you know where i can get any of these or if you can make any of them, please ask or tell me. Thanks!
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