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NOTDA (army style) icons needed

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Level 6
Apr 27, 2006
Here are some icons I need for my game, I'm not too picky so do whatever you want as long as it slghtly resembles what I want:

-Evasive Tactics
-Focused Shrapnel (For shotgun)
-Double Blast (For shotgun)
-Quick Reload (For shotgun)
-Critical Shot
-Barricade (My in game one is basicaly just spikes)
-Land Mine
-Heat-Seeking Missile
-Impact Shock (For Rocket Launcher)
-GPS (Global Positioning System, it can be a ping graphic or the actual console)
-Stealth (for a marine)
-Expansion Tank (For rocket launcher)
-Fibrin Bandage (If you could find me one from NOTDA it would be even better, it isn't on this site and googling it didnt work either, dont worry I'll give NOTDA credit)
-Kevlar Armor (same comment as above)
-Composite Armor (same comment as above)
-Rocket Launcher
-Detonation Cord
-Night Vision Goggles

It's fine if you only make me 1 or 2 icons, I'm going 2 need as much help as I can get, thx alot.
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