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Icon Request

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Level 6
Apr 29, 2007
Basically I am in need of an icon for my map.

Short and simple, an icon for an item "Message in a bottle"

I would have done it myself, but the only program I had was paint and without layers, it just didn't look right.


  • Message_in_a_bottle.jpg
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Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
I could make it for you.
Would it be okay if I used this image and just CnP it?
Or do you want me to do it with free hand?
Do you need a special glow behind the bottle?
If yes, which colour.
Or do you want to have something else in the background?

Okay I made it.
I hope you like it.
The background is freehand, the bottle is cnp-ed.

I made a second version because the first was to light in my opinion.
I'm not very proud of the result, but it's your choice.
If you don't like them, just don't use them and ask someone else. No problem.

But maybe you have suggestions what to improve?



  • BTNMessageInABottle.blp
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  • MessageInABottle.jpg
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  • BTNMessageInABottle2.blp
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  • DISBTNMessageInABottle2.blp
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  • MessageInABottle2.jpg
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  • Message.jpg
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You can't create ANY icons with that. That program just adds borders to your icons.
And don't download Irfanview if you want to actually edit images, download GIMP, it is a lot better at editing images and is free(google it).

Yes you can create ANY icon, of course with the help of other programs for editing like GIMP...
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