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Icon Request

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

I have been doing my campaign over a year now. I just was my father's birthday party and I took some alcohol(now my brains can a lot faster than usually). Now I'm back making the campaign and I have a cool idea for a item set! So, I already created the item set, but I wanna some cool icons for the items also. I searched icon section like usually but I didn't find what I was searching for(yeah I know there are a lot of Blizzard knives already). I think these five icons I'll be requesting should look similar to each other(that's why this request).

Soooo.... Item description:
Magical Knives said:
Magical Knifes - Increases attack damage by 10, attack speed by 5%, agility by 5 and movement speed by 5. Also, everytime you are attacked by an enemy unit there is a 5% chance that knifes will fly around the carrier of this item damaging nearby enemy units by 100.

There are five knives. Player can upgrade the knives, which will eventually increase the stats of the knife(for example last level it does 500 damage).

I'm requesting five icons from you. I'm a bad explainer but here we go: all icons should look like a knife, but, because there are five stages, I want you to make these knifes look like stronger and stronger. I mean, first icon looks like a pretty crap knife, next one looks a little better, then better and better. And the fifth should look like a super über magical knife that everyone wants. And yes, it will be the strongest knife in the campaign!

Ask more and thanks beforehand. Credits will be given as "rep" in here, and your name will be added to campaign's credit list.
Not open for further replies.