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After the poison spider, here's the icy one.


Uptade 1 : Add shadow.

Uptade 2 : made some crystals and I added a bit more shadow.

Give credit if you use it :D

Ice, Northrend, spider, dart, blue.

Ice Spider (Texture)

13:47, 17th Jul 2015 Kwaliti: Pretty much approvable.
Level 18
Jul 28, 2014
I understand that but I would have prefered that the skin would be in 4 parts instead of 3 because the head and the back use the same texture. Usually there are not eyes in spider's back :)

EDIT : look at the other skins, it's the same problem...


Many of those are actually done with quite a lot of detail. I like them. Thank you for showing me this, I don't know why I've never done this search.

http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/skins-552/tarantula-blp-150941/ by Kuhneghetz is a very good example how much you can do with a spider and have it look good.. soo.. warm up your seat and make them much fancier, bad wrap shouldn't be an excuse

Well said.




I like the result/ current version. It looks great on frozen maps.