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I protected my map?

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Level 2
Apr 22, 2011
hi i protected my map with optimiser and wingetizer and i m not sure is it protected because i can open it maybe only i can open the map? the only diferent i see from the wingetizer is a yellow letters that said invalid object ID :100 and with optimizer give two maps the normal and a diferent format that say after the name .w3x and not appears in warcraft 3.
so i protected or i did something wrong?
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
There are several kinds of protections... There are some options at the bot-right corner of the optimizer to remove the data required to open the map with the world editor.

There's also somewhere a field to remove the 'save map', so you can open it, but can't save it (it's a kind of protection).
@Vladadamm: It seems you haven't yet used the optimizer, or at least read my post...

the optimizer produces this:

mapname.w3x and mapname.w3x.j

or if its an RoC map

mapname.w3m and mapname.w3m.j

so don't go saying that he has to put corrections in his post as his post is totally correct...

@Chailman - the optimizer only disables the map from being opened in the WE if you ticked the checkbox saying Remove Editor-Only data...
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