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I need a partner for making my anime map

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Level 19
Aug 31, 2008
Greetings!! fellow I need a partner for making my anime map, every character in this map has a model and icons(you should be good in making or finding models and icons of animes:fp::wink: i think in this map i've already created more than 30 anime character with models and icons also i've finish the terrain but i need more characters and a loading screen so who want to be my partner in finishing this map??

I was planning for this.....

2 all people who want to help me on my map why don't we make our group and help each other??i need feedbacks 2 all who want 2 help me
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Level 13
Apr 19, 2007
Not to mention if you have 30 characters, each with their own model and icon. It's undoubtedly unplayable in Battle.Net now. Hope you're planning on it being single player.

Oh, and Popeye > All anime. Even the ones I really like.
Level 1
Oct 5, 2008
Hi there DarkHorse08, I saw this post and imediately created an account be cause my offer might interest you. Im a I have work for many projects. Here is some proof of my work so you can analyze and tell me if you want to invite me.
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Level 5
Jun 27, 2008
Only the cake can be the truth.
What are the characters?
Yet another person stealing my idea.
I'm Good with modelling.
There's no particular reason i'm posting like this.
I'll help u, If u help me?
HUUUHHHHHHH?!! Such madness! Helping other people in return is below filth!
(If that's what u think I will go away now.)
Here's what i need help with:
:spell_breaker: :)
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