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I have a geomerge/animation transfer request.

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Level 1
Oct 17, 2005
I am not very good at any of Oinkerwinkle's programs.
What I need is for someone to take the model of Grom Hellscream, give him all of the dwarf rifleman's animations,and give him the dwarf rifleman's rifle and put it in the right place.I also would like for instead of removing Grom's Axe, move it to his back like if he were carrying it on his back in a sling.Also need Grom's Flag to be removed.

If the model of Grom Hellscream doesn't work, then the orc grunt would be fine,plus Grom's axe on his back.

If possible but least important, I would like to have Thrall's head as the head of the unit.

Thanks to anyone who would do this.
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