I hated my work! help!

Level 9
Jan 13, 2005
I hav finished RTS maps but i have abandoned them all coz i hate them. They look promising in the mini map view infact i like viewing them in the mini map view but when you play one of them & having a closer look it looks terrible & i just dont like what im doing. All of my works does not fit my taste. The environment & experience or i may call it THE CINEMATOGRAPHY seem not right i mean they dont like exactly in the standard melee maps. I took the action "calculate shadow etc.. & save map" but it has no difference at all from just saving a map. Im not satisfied & it is my strong belief that the first person that should appreciate & be satisfied in your work is yourself because who should congratulate & comfort yourself when everybody is against it but you.What is wrong w/ me? Can i not do beautiful things w/ my WE coz i cant dl the WE unlmt its more than 1.44mb i think & no burning service in this cafe either! Im just frustrated & unhappy, I have said the words once that i was patient in map making but my own words now betrayed me! Does anyone here can give advice in map making! Someone should write a book entilted "Idiot's Guide to Succesful Map Making vol.01" or something like it! Im willing to submit them here & have it diagnose to anyone who are map wizards & doctors just say the words.
Level 2
Jan 30, 2005
I start things because I think they will be cool, but while I'm working on it, it seems stupid or boring. I repeat this many times. I'm better at editing or helping on a map then starting a new one.
I don't know why I don't give up. I need ideas? I need help with my layout? What do I need? I don't know! I enjoy making tests that never get released... But that's all... I suck at terrain, mostly because of doodads. Doodads make it feel real, but I don't know when or where to use them. I think to myself "Well, this isn't too good..." then it becomes a "test" or you could say "Unfinished Crap". A test that just shows how much I suck. My friends are hardly online and only one of them has WC3 so I'm stuck with him though he's hardly ever on.