I don't want to be Human

Level 3
May 27, 2013
Whenever I would go to test my favorite custom map, it used to randomly pick a race for me to play as. Now this was understandable as I had left race as "Selectable", but it would at least cycle through the races. Now, it always boots up as human, even though I have now changed the player properties so it should always be Night Elf. Anyone know how to fix this? Or should I see if we can start a class action lawsuit against Blizzard for selling us a faulty product?
Level 7
May 9, 2021
Don't you have to check the box that says "Fixed player settings" or something along those lines? Unless I'm misunderstanding the problem, that should keep you as Night Elf.

I have a similar problem with player slots being selectable even when putting them as Computer slots. All I had to to to fix it was check "Fixed Player Settings" to fix it.

I think it's under "Forces".
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