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I am a newbie and I need help with importing a Arthas Model

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Level 1
Feb 22, 2008
I downloaded the Lich King Arthas model it looked cool and I wanted to play as that model in campaign and in single player I followed a tutorial in another thread that said that I needed to import all the 4 files in the "Import Editor" I did that and then it told me to go to the Object editor and choose a skin or whatever that fits it so I chose the Death Knight and Arthas I imported 2 files into them because the 2 files were only available but when I test the map they are invisible I can't see them. I followed the tutorial step by step but please I need answers.
Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
  • Which of these models are you trying to import? Please add a link to the specific resource. Thanks.

  • How to Import Custom Models

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Level 7
Jan 13, 2008
did u do right when u import 1 model under the model u download u can see a text what path its used for example Textures\ArthasCool.blp
and mybe he uses 2 textures so he use Textures\ArthasRock.blp aswell
then u need to change the name of the path in import manager.

to Textures\ArthasCool.blp for example or sum times they only need ArthasCool.blp instead of textures before that can u see under the model u download...

So then u change from war3imported\ArthasCool.blp to for example Textures\ArthasCool.blp

And dont forgot that the path u seen under the model u download.

And if thats doesent help the model is probably corrupt :p or its wrong path for model...

and if u wana see the correct path of the model u can download warcraft3 viewer and open model then klick show textures.... then u see the correct path the model needs to rename.
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