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Hunt or be Hunted v1.1a

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
LTWasabi Presents
Hunt or be Hunted
Author - LTWasabi

Map Info:

Current Version : 1.1a

A 1v1 map. But not your typical 1v1. More like a "1 Ultra-Strong Beast"VS"A Whole Battalion". Inspired by the 2015 game "Evolve", if you choose "The Beasts", you choose from a roster of beasts (Currently, there's only 2 beast. More will be added in future updates) and try to evolve to the 3rd tier evolution as soon as possible, all the while avoiding "The Hunters" as Beasts are weak initially. If you choose "The Hunters", you basically control a modified "Human" base and try to hunt down the beast and destroy "The Nest" before the Beast becomes strong. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of new and hidden features in this map that makes it a lotta fun to play. Pliz do check it out :)


•A highly balanced gameplay.
•Deep strategy and cunning required, especially for the Hunters as they have to lay traps and plan ambushes.
•Hidden yet helpful features, like the Bonus Chickens.
•If you choose Beasts, then roam, kill, get stronger, EVolve!
•Each evolved Beast is unique and totally different from its predecessor, yet feels familiar with the previous Beast so as to not kill the flow.
•If you choose The Hunters, control a vast army (150 food limit!) with many new units (like the X-Archers, War Hawks, etc).
•Same old human troops? Think twice! Many troops has been altered so that they are optimised for this map. Seige Engines' stun attack, Gyrocopters' XLR8 Boosters˜ etc.
•This map has a G0D!

-Don't worry about the Creeps near "Acceptable Nest Locations". If you set your Nest there, the Creeps will dissappear and won't come back.
-If you see a chicken, kill it! Not only is it very tasty, it gives your Beast free experience! The experiece gained is the same for all tiers of Beast.
-Try not to die (Duh?). Not only do you give your killers gold, you also lose some.
-In case you did die, don't worry too much. You can revive for free which takes quite some time (Depends on Level and Evolution Tier) or Revive instantly for some gold and lumber (Amount required depends on Level and Evolution Tier).
-As long as your Beast is alive, The Nest is invulnerable and can attack. When your Beast is dead, it becomes vulnerable and unable to attack. It regains Invulnerability and the ability to attack after your Beast revives.
-The moment your Beast dies, "The Watcher" is summoned near your Nest. It can't really do much against a Strong Army, but can ward off small weak armies. Useful early game.
-When your Beast reaches 3rd Tier Evolution, it gains an attribute boost every time it dies. When it reaches max level, it becomes stronger with the passing of time.
-Evolution is crucial to getting stronger and winning the game. Only a 3rd Tier Beast can hold out against a Full, Maxed-Out Hunter Army. But it also has its demerits. Every evolution increases revival time, Quick Revival cost and the Bounty given (Gold lost when your Beast dies is constant though).

-Choose your hero carefully. You can only choose ONE. They all have a different playstyle.
-See a chicken? Kill it. It doesn't actually give you anything, but it denies the Beast of free experience.
-Sure, the "Mobile Item Wagon" takes up a lotta food, but having one of 'em, which is enough, is really useful.
-You need eyes everywhere on the map. You can build scout towers or ward the map, especially near Creep Spawn sites.
-Don't let the fact that you can have upto 150 food limit stop you from hunting. Obviously, you get stronger with time if you managed to maintain a well managed base. Still, no matter how powerful the army, it will be a hard fight against a Maxed Out Beast. Even if you manage to kill the Beast, late game, it usually has enough resources for a few Quick Revives. Before your army recuperates, The Beast can strike first!
-Instead of making 1 really strong base, get a Gold Mine fast and manage more than one base. It will help you develop faster. And don't worry about the Creeps. Creeps near Gold Mines and the Mercenary Shop don't respawn.

-Try destroying every crates, boxes, barrels, etc.
-There is a G0D somewhere in the map. Its really strong to begin with, and it gets stronger with the passing of time. Engaging it in a battle is suicide, but if you somehow manage to defeat it, you will get some goodies.

Screenshots and Videos:

Image Description:
A simple In-game screenshot.

Change Log:

-First Release Version

-Made map bigger.
-Now Beasts can choose Nest Locations.
-Terrain layout changed.
-X-Archer's cost reduced.
-Removed Potion of Omniscience and added Astral Locator from Hunter Wagon Shop.
-Peasants' carrying capacity is now 10 gold/5 lumber.
-Gold Mining and Lumber Harvesting upgrades increases capacity by 5+5.
-Egg Mine damage increased to 800/400.
-Farms now cost 80G/20L/35secs from 100G/30L/45secs.
-Evolution fail causing hero to be stuck bug fixed (Testing needed).
-New Respawnable creeps added and creep placement of most creeps changed.
-Increased Creep Respawn time.
-Upped Sapphiron.
-One more Gold Mine added.
-Beasts now gain 2G/8secs and 1L/6sec.
-Destroy Me! free item box removed.
-HFS! now stronger. Also drops 1 Sure item and 1 Random item.
-Beasts lose gold upon death now.
-Bite, Feral Bite and ATBTEYW skills can now target heroes but no extra effects other than base effects on heroes.
-Reduced beast experience gain for 1st and 2nd tier beasts. Now its 200%>150%>100% from 350%>200%>100%

Model for 'Egg Mine' - Uncle Fester
Model for 'Alpha Wolf' - Sellenisko
Model for 'Black Dog' - Grendel
Model for 'Beast of Gevaudan' - Frankster
Model for 'HFS!' - Pvt.Toma
Projectile art for 'Space Commander' - CreatorD3292
Projectile art for 'War hawk' - Callahan
Projectile art for 'X-Archer' - Wrathion
Projectile art for 'Mangy Wolf' & it's evolutions - Dat-C3
The 'Sweep' Special Effect for Fury Slash - Thrikodius
The 'Wave' Special Effect for Howl - sPy
Icon for 'Space Marine' - NFWar
Icon for 'Medi-Pac' - ~Nightmare
Icon for 'Savage Strike' - -BerZeKeR-
Icon for 'Howl' - Iyzz_Fryzz
Icon for 'Hit it Hard' - ~Nightmare
Icon for 'Savagery' - sigelang
Icon for 'Foaming Bite' - Marcos DAB
Icon for 'What Big Teeth You Have...' - Kimberly
Icon for 'All The Better to Eat You With' - SkriK
Icon for 'The Legend of Gevaudan' - Kimbo
Icon for 'Legendary Beast' - BLazeKraze
Icon for 'Bite' - Kimberly
Icon for 'Feral Bite' - PeeKay
Icon for 'Fury Slash' - Kimbo
Icon for 'Space Research Protocol' - AlienArsonist
Icon for 'Potrzebie' - asailant

Special thanks to:
-Tinki3 for the awesome Omnislash tutorial
-Kobas- for the Map Description Template used here

And thank you for checking out this map :)

p.s. Sorry in advance if I'm forgot to give credit to someone whose resource(s) I used. I did a check and a re-check, but I used quite a lot and might have missed out a few.


This map is not locked. Feel free to modify it or use it in your projects. Just give credits, okay? :)

I'm okay in the Hero/Unit/Spell/Trigger making section but I suck at terraining and decorations. Would be really grateful if someone helped me out. (As i stated before, map is not locked)

If there's any bug, suggestion, balance issues or just want to thank me for a job well done :) u can reach me
@[email protected]

1v1, beasts, beast, hunter, hunters, LTWasabi, base, human

Hunt or be Hunted v1.1a (Map)

03:12, 16th Jul 2015 Shadow Fury: Map set to needs fix with a rating of 1/5. It's an unusual case that a 1/5 is not rejected so please work on this.




03:12, 16th Jul 2015
Shadow Fury: Map set to needs fix with a rating of 1/5. It's an unusual case that a 1/5 is not rejected so please work on this.




Review Hunt or be Hunted v1.0 First Release

Ambience and Aesthetics

Hunt or be Hunted games, like Evolve live from having the opportunity to hide, suddenly attacks from a hidden passage ( also seen in Aeon of Strife and Dota maps) as well as searching and hunting for the enemy.
Your map, LTWasabi, completely misses this important point.
The design of your map shows you already tried to give different kind of areas, but the overall, total lack of any doodad on the ground is unacceptable. A forest does not consist only of trees and grass. Think about stones, hills, secret passages in the undergrowth, many different aspects of a forest, like little ponds and a more swamps-like area , then a more rough area with stones and so on.
Take a look on the terrain tutorials ( ctrl+F for keywords), you can greatly improve the terrain.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay felt overall simple. Due to the lack of choosing the nest position as well as choosing the Hunter's base position the game did not offer the hunting factor I hoped for. If you give the players a base, always at the same position, why is it considered hunting then ? Even if the Beast's nest is invulnerable, the lack of hiding positions and opportunities ruin the hunting. I suggest you, LTWasabi, that you think about your choice to not make players choose their base position.

The Hunters are a modified race based on the default human race. You might think about adding different build techs or race variations, to give your map some replayability.


Hunt or be Hunted offer simple hunt and run gameplay which could be greatly improved. The lack of features and a small map size do not promise long and exciting gameplay.
LTWasabi, you could greatly improve this map, in standards of terrain, ambience and gameplay.

I vote for Needs Fix/ Awaiting Update




Currently working on it. I actually tried implementing the "Hidden Passage" but it was kinda faulty. Would be great if you could give me some "How-To"s or a link to some.

Yes, it is not easy.
I would recommend you to look first on this tutorial and then on this.
Note, you do not have to follow all of the details mentioned in the tutorials, they are quite advanced ( like Fog, Mist and water reflection). Focus on basic terrain stuff first.
Try to search for some in the tutorial section, too, there are many more that can help you.
Level 2
Jul 4, 2015
I know the much needed "Choosable Nest Location" update took too long. But was kinda busy with exams and whatnot. Well, currently working on the hiding spots/Visibility feature. Added some in this update, but its a by-product of the difference in the height levels of terrain. Found a way to add hiding spots without depending on terrain. Next update will feature it and maybe a new Beast and some New Hunter Units.
Last edited:
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
First thing, don't double post. Second thing, short review:

Not a lot to add on what Ardenian said. No tile variation was seen at all, just Dark Grass almost everywhere. Some areas were completely done with the Rock tile, totally ruining their look. The strong lack of doodads is also a contributing factor to cheap aesthetics. The demons part, for instance, didn't feel minimumly like a place for demons. Even worse was the zone where the "god" resided. Just some smoke smudges, a volcano, a futile camera prop and small signs of other doodads. You need to do better in this category because visuals count a lot. They should be your second priority after gameplay.

Not really that kind of exciting gameplay one would expect. In the beginning, if you are the beast, it's just a matter of killing creeps to gain experience. If the two beasts had at least some interesting skills and not some pseudo-default abilities, it wouldn't be so boring. The only good skill was Savagery but, what the hell, you required 12 damn triggers to create it!! Isn't that a bit excessive? Anyway, the same thing I said about the beasts goes for the humans except that instead of hunting creeps only they can harvest resources. I wouldn't call the race intriguing either because it seems a copy-paste of the old human race with some new additions, nothing more. The presence of default units ruins the originality of the game. Basically, you need a more thrilling gameplay because in its current state it does not offer anything exciting or innovative. Get your creativity to work!

Other Issues
Oh well, here there is just one thing to discuss... green icons. You may have noticed that when you pause the game, the icons for the skills of the nest turn green. That's forbidden according to the Map Submission Rules and since there are no DISBTNs to the icons you used, you must change them to other different icons.

Final Verdict
Eventually, the map is far too poor for an approval. It shall be set to Needs Fix with a rating of 1/5. Normally, 1/5 maps would be rejected but I see potential in this one so I prefer to await a further update instead of rejecting it.