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Well, a Battle Mage Of The Frozen Fire.OFcause it is not a color Invert.It is 94% freehand. Absolutely no filters and stuff.Hope you enjoy this :)If you use, credit me plz.

RoC path- Textures\Priest.blp
TFT path- Textures\BloodPriest.blp

Priest, Mage, Human, monk, cleric, magician, wizard

HumanMage (Texture)

17:24, 14th Mar 2008 THE_END: Pretty cool, face is pretty boss




17:24, 14th Mar 2008
THE_END: Pretty cool, face is pretty boss
Level 7
Oct 2, 2004
Too much recolor
In fact it's the only thing i really recolored.
I didn't know how to change it besides the recolor.
The unwarp face looks crapy but the warped version it looks good enough.
"Plz give credit"?! i said : "if you use give credit plz.
It's a standard. Look at other skinners. If the skin is used it is only fair to credit it.
Does that prompt the skinner is a noob? NO.
Armor lack correct shading? WHERE THE HELL? SHOW ME!
And don't submit for other ppl. If wormscull has something to say he'll say it, and i'd accept it.
You people say something is not good but you don't say WHERE. I can correct, i'm not lazy, TELL WHAT"S WRONG and WHERE IS IT?! :evil:

Btw, you cant count on the screenshotcuz my wc3 viewer shows everything like crap. i gave it only for the jeneral idea of the unit.
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
so open it in wc3 editor...

Theres is stuff wrong with the shading.
the legs need to be blended better, the inner shading on the shoulders is too dark.

Also, the chest is horrid, it doesnt look like armor, it looks like retarded pec's and abb's...

The cloak is boring as sin, do something more intricate, like tribal flames.

The skin isnt bad, its just bland, nothing stands out and kicks me in the face. I get the feeling this guy would impale himself on his own staff if he were alive, becasue he is so boring...

Use your colors better and your shading in ALL area,s, he reminds me of a blue Jaina, who was also about a interesting as a broken toaster.

Heres what you can do to make the guy kickass.
Addshade lines on the leg, just a few minor ones, very very minor. Make his armour actaully look like armour. Ive never seen uglt white armor, its always sleek, and metallic. Make it so.
Clean the shit on his face up, lines are too dark and wobbly.

Why are his pecks so low?? bring them up and clean up that messy shit around the neck.

ALSO, and probably most important, when the hell does armor have blacked sections to differentiate the surface hight?? Goto google and look up some old armor, like ramn armor and shit, do you see black lines to separate the pec/abb look of the armor? I sure as hell dont.

Theres still more shit, but concentrate on those basics i mentions first.