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Human Wolf Rider

Level 5
Jul 12, 2010
Hello modellers. if you dont listen to this fine but ill just write it down anyway. Many people have asked me for a certain "unit" to go with my game, they say it would be epic if it was an actual single model and not just 2 units, 1 as the unit and the other one is just a addon. heres the idea.

"A Human Knight riding ontop of a White Wolf"
using the human knight as rider and white wolf as mount using the orc wolfrider animations. he could be either a enlarged knight sword from the knight model or just the orc rider's sword.

This to me feels very simple but i just dont possess the skills or knowledge to create it. So if anyone does accept this i would be forever greatful.
Level 4
Mar 3, 2010
Will this work (see attached)?

Filepaths (case sensitive):

humanWolfrider.mdx ------------.mdx model file
humanWolfrider_Portrait.mdx ----.mdx portrait file
humanwolfrider.blp --------------.blp texture file

Picture also attached.


  • humanWolfrider.mdx
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  • humanWolfrider_Portrait.mdx
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  • humanwolfrider.blp
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  • humanWolfrider_preview.jpg
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