How to Turn 20 Doodads into One

Level 3
Mar 2, 2009
Ok so Ive got an idea, hopefuly it works or my maps hit A major Hult! Lets say A village in my map contains 600+ doodads just for houses, still un furnished, Each house might have an average of 20+ wall bits to create it. So... Would it be possible to somehow import those 20+ walls into A warcraft 3 model editor and create my house in there, then import that into my map as one doodad.. Basicly turning 20 doodads into one, so as i dont hit the maximum doodad amount.

Can this be done, If so how. thanks

If there is A way could I please have a link to the program needed.
Level 6
May 1, 2009
You can already exceed the doodad limit using NewGen. The only benefit to doing this would be... maybe loading time? I doubt that, even.

If you do what you're trying to do, you'd have to use 2x the number of doodads creating a pathing map for the doodad (pathing blockers). It won't decrease the number of doodads necessary.