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How to set control groups in jass?

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Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
I've done something similar for some Guitar Hero rip-off I made, but the player must still press CTRL...
It's not possible to mimic/force "CTRL" (not SHIFT) in the editor.

    set i = i+1
    exitwhen i > 5
    call ClearSelection()
    call SelectUnit(udg_Unit[i], true)
    call ForceUIKey(I2S(i))

That's what I did.

This loop keeps running until the control groups have been set.
That means the player has to hold CTRL for about half a second in order to set all control groups to what they should be.

In my map, you cannot start the game until the player pressed CTRL.
Level 5
Nov 7, 2007
I suppose the closest thing you could do is causing player to select a certain group when doing something, in GUI that could be creating a trigger with the event "types chat message" or "selects unit" or something, I'm not familiar with Jass but I can imagine there must be similiar functions you can do with it. In GUI you can set the player pressing one of the arrow keys as an event, which could be used for accessing a control group just as quickly as with CTRL + number. The downside is that this will also move the screen a little, but if you could live with that this might be an idea. But yeah, that's GUI, I don't know how to do it in Jass.

EDIT: And I didn't read ap0calypse post before posting, that solution seems smoother anyway.
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