How to NOT use team color

Hello mates, im creating this thread, hopefully its good in this spot, and also i see alot of threads and posts and what not about removing team color and well doesn't seem like there is a straight answer or rather the options ive discovered previously dont quite work, the do remove it but grey scales everything, so last night i figured out how not to use the team color on anything, it is rather simple, and a easy edit in the notepad of the mdl
so in the textures section of the mdl file you see the Bitmaps, about the 5th one is the team color texture, that will be static texture ID 4 so now you want to find your material with the diffuse that you dont want team color on, lets say it is 2 down from it, being the 7th one in the list which would be static texture id 6
(i suppose there could be a chance they dont say static but regardless) you will then want to go down into material sections and find your material that you dont want team color on, now you will see its first layer probably with a bunch of numbers and stuff but anyways you want to go just below that and you will see other layers connected to it, you will want the layer containing static texture id 4 (this is team color)
change that 4 to a 6(or whichever number your diffuse is on), save it and open it in your studio, save to a mdx and go put in game and now you will see that which ever part you changed, no longer has its team color, and now that team color layer is actually using your diffuse layer, all those team color parts of the material you changed will now be whatever it is on your diffuse and no more teamcolor

so there you have it, rather very simple, took forever to figure out though lol, was literally messing with it for a few days, hope this helps people not wanting to use the team color. Also any questions dont hesitate to ask