How To Be Original

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Feb 23, 2007
Hello to everyone reading this. 1stly this introduction is very unoriginal and boring. Nobody wants to read this because they see it everywhere. So what I'm trying to do now is be funny.. Haha I'm failing.

Introduction - Sup

So basically I've noticed lots of people with threads asking for ideas. Then about a million people post very lame ideas (Sorry but the thought doesn't really count). This tutorial will hopefully cleanse you mortals of your... non-ingenuity! Mwahaha!

Getting Tarded I mean Started - :grin:

Getting tarded is actually one of the first steps to being original!
If you have the same intelligence like most people than you'll always think of the same things! Many many people see a game that looks neat and tidy and well organized. A very common example would be TDs. The instant I hear somebody ask for help on how to make a TD I just tell them that the trick to making a good TD, is that not making a TD. A retarded person wouldn't think of a TD, they would think of throwing rocks or building a stick hut. IMO throwing rocks at things sounds far more interesting than another TD. Snowball Fight is an excellent example. You build igloos for cover and throw snowballs at each other. It's very very fun. Much better than any TD out there. Preschool Showdown is another great example of somebody not thinking too hard (Sorry if this is offending some people). You have a bunch of kids toys that kill each other! It's simple, fun, and quite original. Gundams, Plastic Soldiers, Action Figures, and Sand Castles!

Massive Example: Portal TD (Credit me if you make this please)

What do TDs consist of?

Monsters: Creatures are spawned that run to the objective. If one or more of them reach the objective than usually the player loses.

Maze: The maze is where monsters run to get to an objective. It can have several obstacles and turns either preplaced by the creator or created by the player.

Towers: These are structures that usually do something to spell the monsters demise! They are usually placeable by the player and normally shoot projectiles with different effects at the monsters.

Spawn Point: This is where the monsters are created.
End Point: This is the objective where the monsters try to get to.

Most TDs consist of the player controlling the Towers, Maze, and sometimes spawning Monsters for the enemy player to deal with.
Since this tutorial is about trying to be original, were going to break away from the normal TDs and create our own very unique TD.
I'm going to be ambitious and say our TD will manipulate everything...
:nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
If you look at all the parts of a TD again, ideas might start popping into your brain. What if the players controlled each others spawn points! Sounds crazy but when you think about it, the only small problem is that you could simply put them directly next to each other. That's easily fixed with a condition of you cannot place them within 1500 range of each other. If we want this to be more competitive and not so daunting, then we'll want to make the players boxes where they create towers smaller. I'd say about 24x24 should do the trick. After players have selected the Spawn Location and End Location, next how about each player is able to place 7 patches on the ground where the other player cannot build. These could be represented by Circles of Power or whatever else you want. This will force people to make strategical decisions and allows the other player to annoy them which always makes for great fun. (Note almost all numbers I say can be whatever variable you want)
So now we have the Spawn point, End point, and some obstacles. Now each player can start creating towers. I'd give the players 2 minutes to create towers before each player can start spawning monsters. Our TD will have rounds just like most TDs. After each round you'll be able to sell 1/2 your towers for full value so you can create new ones. (Note limit number of towers to about 20) Also after each round, each player gets to replace the other players spawn points and end points! Then reposition their unbuildable patches. This will force the other player to have to adapt to the new environment while still keeping 1/2 their towers in the same position of the last round.

To summarize the Portal TD

Each player sets the enemy players Spawn Point and End Point.
Each player then can place several unbuildable points.
Each player then can build towers.

Rounds consist of:
Place Spawn Point and End Point - 20 seconds.
Players place Unbuildable Spot - 30 seconds.
Players sell 1/2 towers and create new towers - 1 minute.
Players select monsters that will spawn - 10 seconds.
Monsters spawn - 30 seconds.
Remaining time for monsters to run through maze - 30 seconds.
New round starts.

Players cannot place Spawn Point and End Point within 1500 of each other.
Players cannot build structures while Monsters are running.
Players can only sell 1/2 their towers. After 1/2 of them have been sold, Disable the ability to sell.

What you should have learned from this:
Break down a game into its components and think of ways that you can manipulate its components.
Level 1
Feb 16, 2008
Good Tutorial .. Originality is the best. DotA has so many versions that do the same thing, destroy the other team's tower/throne/tree. Heroes. Let's make bunny wars!