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[Mapping] How to add custom background to your custom campaign

Level 6
Jul 31, 2021
How to add custom background to your custom campaign.
This is a simple tutorial that will show you how to set a custom background for your custom campaign.
  • Warcraft 3 Reforged patch 1.35 (on previous patches it will crash);
  • Shutter Encoder (or any other program/site that can convert video files).
Step 1: Get the Custom background.
I suggest to use this site to download a custom background, but you can download it from any place that you want.

Step 2: Convert the video to webm format.
After downloading the custom background that you desire, you must convert it to .webm(this is the format that blizzard use campaign backgrounds).
To convert the video to webm format simply open Shutter Encoder and drag the video or click on browse to select it.

Then click on choose function and select VP9.
Now click Start function and you just got yourself a custom background for your custom campaign!

Step 3: Import and set your custom background.
Now that you have a custom background you just need to import it in your custom campaign(I suggest to change the name too).

Next go to Loading Screen and under Background screen select your custom campaign custom background.

Step 4: Done.

Step 5: Credits.
Thanks to @OutsiderXE for telling me on discord the format that was required for custom backgrounds.


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