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How exactly exactly exactly to import DDS file?

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Apr 18, 2021
Years ago I learned how to import skin into my game by downloading MDX file and BLP file (and I still don't understand what the hell it is and what it mean) and repalce...replace, path path path, rep rep rep place time to time to time and finally the skin successfully (still don't know why it work) appears in the game. But today, I see we made more nice skin which was named REFORGED and the file tag is DDS ???:vw_wtf:

And it takes me a week to find the way to PUT A SKIN IN A GAME but still fail, ok, I'm just a stupid guy who only want to import skin, I want nothing more than that but today I don't follow up the technology and I cannot use DDS skin, now my mind filled up with DDS DDS DDS DDSS DSSSSSSSSSSS crazy

SO could someone please instruct me step by step (at least for the most stupid guy could understand it) about how to IMPORT DDS FILE (SKIN) IN TO GAME PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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