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How can I play s saved map?

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Apr 10, 2018
Hi guys!

I have question, can I open room on battle.net to a saved game?
I play with my friends online (not LAN) maps that can take hours, and sometimes we don't finish them cause someone need to go or someone get kick in the middle of the game and we need to start over again.

But in things like makemehost or ent hosting you can only make maps and not saved maps (or maybe i wrong? fix me if so). There are maps like gaias and other rpg that you can save the current status of the character (by -save and -load), but not the progress of the map, but what about maps like sunken city? that I can't even save the progress of my character... how can I play with my friends this map from the last point we were at? is there any kind of way to save not only the character progress, but also the map progress, and not to start every quest over and over again?

Thanks :)
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