HotS Primal Zerg Dehaka + alts

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Primal Zerg Pack Leader Dehaka from Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment, originating from Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

Also includes Mecha Dehaka and D.Haka (D.Va variant because it's funny).

The Dehaka model is designed to either work with his two-armed variant or his four-armed variant, but for the purposes of this upload this is only his four-armed variant because Warcraft 3's MDX format cannot handle the operation in the M3 spec necessary to use either of them and keep the same animations (doing so otherwise would require another entire set of animations which would make this model even larger). It is also the main reason why he has so many Attack animations-- he's really not meant to be using them all at the same time (in HotS itself Dehaka grows back his extra limbs upon picking your Lv. 10 talent).

You can of course just delete the geosets with the extra arms if you really wanted to, or if it's that popular maybe a variant could appear here later.

D. Haka (Model)

HotS Primal Zerg Dehaka (Model)

Mecha Dehaka (Model)