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hi im new :)

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Level 1
Nov 5, 2005
hi lol i dunno if its the rite place 2 post im new to this site im making a map about murlocs ( they defend their swamps from kudo beasts, there is custom units and abilities its really coo ). i hope its goo place if not im sry lol. b4 i downloaded some skin from here. im bad at everything i can draw a lilb ut im no good, i can only do mapmake, i do good terrain if u need help pm me :)
any other girls here or im alone lol?
Level 7
Aug 29, 2005
Almost_there said:
Kewl, Nice to know we are still getting members :)

And no, You're not only girl, There is also werewulf
Who is a girl two :)

anyway... Welcome to wc3sear.ch.

Well, you already know this site's getting more members, members are increasing day-by-day, now you're talking as if members increase year-by-year hehehe.

You've got a spelling mistake dude: "Who is a girl two", The word "two" is supposed to be "too".
Nevermind that, i was just acting smart.
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