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Hi I'm new. I also have a question

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Level 3
Nov 24, 2009
Hi I'm new to the hiveworkshop and it is a really reliable website with a bunch of guys who can answer almost every question. Much appreciated. I'm trying to learn map making and hope I can get help from the hiveworkshop.
My question is how do I make triggers that causes a building only have one existing at a time? Like when I start construction of it, the option to build another one is disabled and when I cancel or the building is destroyed, I can build a replacement but have only ONE existing at any one time in the map. I tried using upgrade levels and triggers but they don't seem to work. Btw are upgrades able to drop back down to a lower level than the current using triggers? Cause I used it and it does not seem to work. I've seen in some maps that some buildings are limited.
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