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Hi, Idk what to do here

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Level 5
Apr 29, 2015
I'm quite new here so... I have no idea what to do on the forum except the Notice tell me to introduce here so...

Hi there, my name is Sirade278, but just call me 'Sirade' or 'Sira' and I have a project which is creating a large 256x256 RPG map so I wondering who could help me here about triggers and abilities (especially ability damage based on attack damage multipliers (idk is it possible) and adding data to ability like damage, slow, duration and etc) and how do you connect to other players here? Can you tell me because playing alone is quite... Lonely... (`~`)

Getting a avatar or profile pic soon.


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
Hello. I am surprised that someone hasn't greeted you yet. There always seems to be a few nice guys around.

Anyway, I wont explain in detail since this is the wrong sub-forum. What you want is highly possible.
Basically you want to go to our tutorial section and find a tutorial for GUI or JASS for pure starters. Once you learn the basics it should be a easy for you to do what you want.

Oh, and welcome to the hive.
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