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Hey there!!!

Level 2
Sep 28, 2009
Hello people!

My name is Piotr (in english Peter), I'm polish. Please forgive me my poor english :(. I live in United Kingdom but for some reason the language don't like me :p. Very soon I will be going to collage. I am huge manga and anime fan, this is link to my account on anime-planet: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/oOldXman , I hate like Naruto!

I used to play StarCraft looong time (but very mostly UMS), I could even make maps with some complicated systems, but I've never made any, just had no strength to finish projecets that I've started, and I had lots projects ;D. I just have too good imagination and before I start (not even start or finish :gg:), I have new mega awesome project... Poor me hehe.

I love all BLIZZARD's games, who doesn't :O (that person must be an idiot only xD). Hmm I'm, a bit addicted of internet, I guess? And I love all good games, just like my own children, all games that make me sit many hours and watch that damn screen and are giving me fun!!!

Now I am playing DotA, already about 3.9 years. Still pubs :D you know... But it's ok, it is funny enough, I enjoy pub vs clan games (so me and my friends against some clan that is playing pubs that's what I ment) :thumbs_up:.

Hmm, the stories that I like (by stories I mean locations monsters and all the crap in games films books...) are mostly like Lord of the Rings, so fantasy, but not always.

I like drawing :grin:, especially manga style, one of my dreams is to make my own comic book or manga-comic book in future, but for now my drawing skills are as poor as my english, hahaha. Oh, and I can also make some icons to WC3 in Gimp, shit icons >_>... but still!

Currently I want to make WarCraft III map, I'm serious as always but this time I will first find a partner (nothing sexual <_<) who will help me with some features of the World Editor because I'm ultimate n00b with this editor :). I mean... I saw bits of the editor, it seem to have the same sekeletal model as SC map editor. So I need some one who will introduce me to things that I can not do and don't understand :/. I need person who will make half of the map and I will make the other half. Probably in a minute I will make another thread about "looking for partner". Guess it have to be some one experienced :D.

But to increase my chances I will also tell this here...
If some one is interested:
- My idea is to make quite similar map to RTS, but with some cool features! It would be also about elves, orcs and whatever :cute:. More I will explane straight to the person that will agree to help me.
- The person must have time to do HALF of the project and help me to do my half xD, showing how to do something, as I said I'm new do this. It don't have to be one hour every day, I would not be able to do that, it might even be 30min on week. It have to be some one friendly xD... experienced with the editor.
- Send me private message and I will give my skype contact.

However... Yoo!
Level 7
Aug 27, 2008
What a long introduction, I'm sure you spent more time on that than i do on most of my school assignments. Here's the basic lowdown read the rules, do as they say. No trolling/spamming/porn. Follow these guidelines, and you wont get banned. Have a nice stay.