Hex editing.

Level 5
May 10, 2009
Hey all, wondering about Header editing.

According to 3ice, to do this, you change byte 512 from {0x20 00 00 00} to {0x33 49 43 45}

But by doing this, you change corresponding text from {(space) (box) (box) (box)} to {3 I C E}

Since this is kinda ironic since he did it, I was wondering...can you change hex value {0x20 00 00 00} to anything you want, but keeping 0x?

Say I wanted to change it to random stuff.

Can I put, instead of {0x33 49 43 45} to.... {0x3A 45 4F 6C}?

If you don't know what i'm talking about...please, don't post. I'm not expecting many answers.