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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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An old skin of mine that I thought i'd share with the Hive.

Feel free to edit this skin, but remember to credit me.

Dwarf, Hero, Awesome, Thane

The Ancient Thane (Texture)

16:54, 23rd Jul 2009 General Frank:
Level 5
Dec 12, 2008
nice, i like the face and helmet and the bare chest is a nice touch, tho the rest is a bit monotone - the brown on boots ect looks very similar to the silver/grey (esp on avatar) i reckon you need to add some more gold to the armour weapons ect, and it could look pretty good.
Level 8
Mar 28, 2009
I agree it looks a litle monotone.
Yeah i think gold highlights would be awesome.
Use a deeper brown for the shoes.
Could be cool if you added a rune to the hammer maybe ? :)
Maybe white horns would be nice ? :)

Just some ideas, overall i like the concept of it but i think some recoloring needs to be done so it's not monotone. Pretty Good 4/6
Level 12
Feb 7, 2008
I dont think i see anything wrong in it except that the head is abit too bright...
so ill give it a 4/5 - RECOMMENDED

+1p: dark armor + dwarf = dark dwarf! good idea!
+1p: the overall idea is nice.
+1p: Since i cant make skins due to lack of both inspiration and skill, i cant really give -1 for small bugs in it...if it has any ofcourse
+1p: Seems to work ingame, so i dont think it has any problems.
-1p: the face is abit too bright compared to other pieces of him :/