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Last Activity:
Oct 3, 2013
Mar 28, 2009


Armed With Delusions., from Scotland

Somnium was last seen:
Oct 3, 2013
    1. greasontim
      Hero Warz Dark
      Theres the link to the Project Thread
      There is a link to the project forum in there as well as OLD! versions of the map. (Would put the new one in but it corrupted and now I have to export everything and put everything on a new map file to get it to work)
      Should have a newer one by next weekend though.
      I play on US East as greasontim and do a few tests every morning with a few friends incase you want to join in.
      Currently on version Beta v0.4
    2. havard1993
      Heroes 5 ,
    3. bigapple90
      sorry about the delay; here is another icon i hope you like
    4. Trillium
    5. Paladon

      First of all, you should clearly use a black background while you're working on it. That does not only meet the Blizzard standarts, it also defines the object.
      Glows or effects may be attached later then.
      Your handle made of wood needs to be a bit more straight. You may also try to partially add a real wooden texture.
      The blade itself should use clearer and blending colours to give a more metallic look. May i ask which program you are using?
      The little spikes can partially be shaded as well.

      Then you could add somekind of little ornament or other decoration if you like.
    6. Palaslayer
      to the icon you showed paladon.... add outlines, its an axe right? give it more definition. make the background darker so that the axe differs from it. else, show it to me when you fixed that already.
    7. The_Grapist
    8. The_Grapist
      Hey,how are u?
    9. bigapple90
      im managing lol
    10. bigapple90
      yeah its alive :P
    11. krisserz
      How`s you Vista? xP
      I guess it burned your PC^^
    12. -Berz-
      The gems doesn't really means much, you'll see one day ;)
    13. -Berz-
      Well, good for you :D
    14. Paladon
      I won't be at home probably.
    15. Palaslayer
    16. Paladon
      Try to draw wild effects.
      Thats usualy the easiest thing.
      And then, add stony particles to the effects.
      Voila, you just managed to switch to objects :P
    17. Paladon
      "Always practice" applies just for a half.
      Drawing what you are good at is the trick.
      And when you reached really good levels in what you can decently draw, try the next aspect.
      That's how everyone should do it.

      I can surely do that, but are you simply requesting a wall of faces or a wall mad eof another...material including faces?
    18. krisserz
      I had Vista, but I decided to format it ;P
    19. krisserz
      Nah, Vista sucks always... I`ve got xp with only Vista skin and it`s great^^
    20. krisserz
      Are you gonna kill yourself? Installing Vista is something like suicide.
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    I can do terrain and i like messing about in photoshop. I am a audiophile :)



    I have been reborn, to see the dawn of a new day...
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