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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Portrait: Textures\HeroTaurenChieftain.blp
Unit: Units\Orc\HeroTaurenChieftain\HeroTaurenChieftain.blp

This is a skin for the inwarcraft.de contest.

tauren, minotaur, chieftain

HeroTaurenChieftain (Texture)

17:32, 14th Mar 2008 THE_END: Honestly, I see no use for this. It is basically a tauren with no hair. Sad to say..but no




17:32, 14th Mar 2008
THE_END: Honestly, I see no use for this. It is basically a tauren with no hair. Sad to say..but no
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
decent idea, but it is very very sloppy.
I would recomnd saving your color paletes, droppong this into greyscale, and then cleaning up everything, much much more deatil.

Add eyebrows
Shading is needed, especially chest and legs.
Muscle structure isnt done well on the arms
Level 12
Sep 13, 2004
greyscale sucks for me, i always use true colors.

this skin looks really cool its a good idea. i love the metal texture for the totems, but what this thing really, above all other things needs is proper shading. thats the big problem here. i feel like downloading this and touching it up myself, allthough that would be horribly wrong of me... maybe we could talk about this somewhere. add me to msn or something: [email protected] or wanadoo with just one n, one of those should do it.

i like the look of this guy a lot.

oh and eusera, those legs are not recolored. i've skinned enough tauren to know.