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[Melee] Heroes and the A.I.

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Level 3
Jan 26, 2015
hi all

i have a 5th race, the nagas, with their 3 heroes selectable - via choosing Night Elf, then choosing handicap at 90%

i was looking through the A.I. to see if i can write an AI for that naga race too

i see that the human AI only has 3 heroes in its build tab ....yet, in game, i see it also used the Blood Mage as a its 1st hero or 2nd hero

how does this happen ?

or those 3 heroes in Build tab, are the heroes most likely to be used, and not the only ones to be used?

Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 72
May 6, 2009
This is the wrong forum, but okay.

Are you referring to the AI editor? Blizzard's AI haven't been created with that thing but with JASS scripts. The AI editor is easier to learn hiw to use, but much more limited.
To answer your question: You can only make the AI choose between 3 heroes with the AI editor.
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